NVIDIA ha lanzado sus primeros controladores gráficos certificados para Linux
Fecha Wednesday, 16 January a las 18:12:16

NVIDIA ha lanzado hoy 16 de enero sus primeros controladores gráficos certificados para Linux de este 2013, se trata de los Linux Display Driver 313.18 Certificados (equivalente a WHQL en Windows). Esta nueva versión viene con varias mejoras y características que pueden revisar en las notas de lanzamiento.

Highlights of Nvidia Display Driver 313.18: • Support for GeForce GTX 680MX and Tesla K20Xm has been added;
• Support has been added in NV-CONTROL and in nvidia-settings for changing the Double Precision performance boost mode on supported GPUs;
• A bug has been fixed in nvidia-settings that allowed unavailable features to be selected in some drop-down menus;
• Several OpenGL driver bugs, related to stencil-only framebuffer objects, have been fixed;
• Unofficial GLX protocol support has been added (i.e. for GLX indirect rendering) for the following extension and core commands;
• A bug that caused the cursor shadow to be clipped to 32×32 pixels, even on Kepler GPUs that support a 256×256 cursor image, has been repaired;
• Support for the GLX_EXT_buffer_age extension has been implemented;
• A bug that sometimes prevented rotation controls in the nvidia-settings control panel from working after changing resolutions has been fixed;
• A bug that could cause applications using GL_NV_vdpau_interop to crash during modeswitches has been repaired;
• A kernel module parameter, “NVreg_EnablePCIeGen3,” which can be used to enable PCIe gen 3 when possible, has been added;
• libnvidia-encode.so library dependency has been repaired by linking it with libnvcuvid.so.1 instead of libnvcuvid.so while creating it.

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